You Are Your Dog's Pack

Regardless of her haircut, or her age, or her problems, or any other variable, your dog is a pack animal. As a pack animal, she has the natural instinct to be 100% responsive to the leader of the pack. This is an automatic-pilot drive provided to the dog for survival. You, and all members of your family over the age of 10, will become leaders of the pack. Thus, the dog will desire to please all of you. More importantly, the dog will obey all of you.  Realize that you are your dog's pack, not her family.


But do you want to become a pack animal to accommodate your dog?  Absolutely not!  You want the dog to adjust to your lives, your schedules, your habits and your hobbies.

MY SECRET:  We will use the dog's own value system and communication system to accomplish our own goals.


© Shannon Schaefer