The Veterinary Dilemma

Although the veterinary community is becoming more involved in the behavior of the family pet, your veterinarian has the enormous task of staying current with the latest technology and pharmacology in veterinary care. Advancements in veterinary science have outpaced clinicians who must rely on continuing education to most properly serve the public. Behavior courses may not take priority over acute care management.


Veterinarians are constantly asked questions about canine behavior for which brief answers have been prepared which will improve problem situations at home; however, time constraints prohibit an in-depth look at the family, the environment and the specific needs of the household.


The addition of medications to the scene has become an expensive alternative to complete training for many dog owners.  Calming drugs designed to aide or cure "separation anxiety" are more commonplace now than ever before.  I am of the belief that the phenomenon described as "separation anxiety" is simply the absence of knowledge of the owners' expectations in their absence.  Of course, the precursor of this is the failure of the owner to provide clear structure while they are at home.


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