Help! I feel like my training is not working.

All good dog training is the original two-step:  Two steps forward and one step back.  This is a promise!  So often a client will call who is very discouraged after an unusually tough training session.  I give the probable reasons which include a new stage of development for the puppy, the training collar may be on backwards , the dog might not feel well, the dog might be coping with a change in the environment, the owner might need to reread the instructions for clarification.  But written into all training efforts will be that day or two when the dog simply will not cooperate.  Don't give up!  Get the best successful completion you can; even if you have to orchestrate it.  Tomorrow is another day.


I am about to reveal the true nature of Doggie Tech. I am a believer in the supernatural. Not occultic hocus-pocus, but the power of God revealed through the circumstances in which we find ourselves. There are no accidents. Can you humble yourself long enough to discover the lesson you need to learn through your dog? Do you understand unconditional love? Do you understand the purpose of obedience? Can you fully accept the sacrifice and dedication of being a responsible dog owner?


They used to break wild horses by wearing them down and breaking their spirits. I have made it clear that destroying the dog's spirit is not my goal. Have you learned to temper discipline with positive reinforcement? All of these lessons can be applied to children, friends, parents, employees and spouses. Don't abandon your dog before analyzing your shortcomings. You might not be the only teacher in this endeavor. What can your dog teach you?


©  Shannon Schaefer