Good Dog! That's a Good Dog!

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


“When my dog Bucky came to me he had been abused when he was very young. He needed to get past that and become a service dog to me and provide hospital and trauma therapy as my partner in serving others. He seemed nervous and tended to pull and show fear regularly. Once he calmed he was a precious dog so we knew that he had the potential.


Shannon knew immediately what needed to happen, trained me and then Bucky so we could be a successful team. A little over a year later, Bucky is amazing. His gentle manner draws people to him so he can be a great therapy dog. He is able to do his job calmly without the fear that was so obvious when I got him. People always describe him as "look how calm he is ... he is so mellow!" which would have never been said before she started our training. I highly recommend Shannon for her gentle honesty, direct and clear instruction, her ability to evaluate both the animal and the handler and get the best out of both. She is amazing!”

February 5, 2013
David E.




Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


“After we adopted our dog, an Akita Inu mix, from a local shelter and found that she had a lot of fear responses, running from us when we approached her, we were referred to Shannon by two others who had used her services for dog training. Shannon's methods helped our dog get the confidence she needed to be an excellent family member. Now, she is much more personable and is a great watchdog, doing her perceived job to protect us.


We credit Shannon for working hard with us and trying different methods to achieve desired results. In addition to having a great companion, she is terrific out on walks and neighbors marvel at her good behavior in their's and their dog's presence. While their dogs are barking, growling, and acting up, she is sitting quietly while waiting for them to pass. We recommend Shannon for any dog training needs you have. Note that Shannon is with you for the life of your dog so, if trouble comes up in the future, you can call her again without paying more. That's a great service.”

February 2, 2012
Mary B.




Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


“Shannon was recommended to me by someone who had frequently witnessed the degree of difficulty I was experiencing with my 10 month old pitbull mix Maya. I had owned a number of dogs but never one so intractable and unresponsive to me and my by the book every mans training methods. Within the first hour of meeting Shannon I knew she was different in only the most positive ways. Over thirty years in the profession of canine behavior distilled into an unusually comprehensive approach using an exact process which if adhered to does not fail to work, and sometimes like magic.


Maya had been mistreated and very much neglected during her first life, the negative experiences manifested as frenetic behaviors sometimes even appearing with a face of aggression. Not good. Lucky for me and Maya, Shannon teaches incredibly effective methods for turning a canine/human relationship from what it might have been to what it should be and I couldn't be more grateful to her for among other things her patience, perserverance and encouragement. Not to mention she's one great storyteller.”

October 28, 2009
Christina K.