Is there any equipment to stop my dog from pulling?

There are a couple of head halters on the market that can really help curb pulling. I like them because they are not designed to produce pain in order to have success. The Halti® and Gentle Leader® are designed to turn the dog's head to the side when she pulls. Her major motivations for pulling are to see and smell ahead. While wearing these devices the dog can't see or smell ahead when she pulls; therefore, it's a no-brainer.


She discovers she can still see and smell ahead if she just doesn't pull. The only drawback of this equipment is the adjustment period for the dog. It will take the distance of three or four football fields for the dog to quit flinging herself around and frantically attempting to remove it before she decides it really isn't so bad after all. Don't give up. And correct her for attempting to take it off. Praise as soon as she stops trying to remove it.


©  Shannon Schaefer