Start Puppies Immediately

Problem solving must begin immediately with any dog you acquire. If you let one day go by without setting forth the rules, you have set the stage for frustration for you and the dog.  Within hours of acquiring your dog, she has your number! Your best chance for success will begin with preparedness.  Know what you are going to do when she housebreaks, jumps or playfully bites or barks at your cat. The element of surprise on your part will go a long way in changing your dog's behavior. You must act in a swift, determined and methodical manner. This attitude will instill confidence that she can actually trust you in a crisis. Without that trust you will never be able to save her life in a crisis situation. The advantage of starting a young puppy out with complete education is proven in adulthood.  The advantage of starting a young puppy out with complete education is proven in adulthood.


The Housebreaking download provides the absolute best set-up for success with your new dog.  Providing a "doggie condo" for your puppy will ensure a full night's sleep for you and your family.  It will prevent your puppy from pottying on your floors and chewing your furniture.  The set-up will allow you to go out for lunch with your friends without worrying about what the puppy, or adult dog, might be doing in your absence.  You can provide food and water, a bathroom and a bedroom in a small enough space it can fit in any home or garage.  You can have a puppy without interrupting your work or social schedules.


The obedience commands can be taught immediately if your new dog is an adult. Puppies that will be less than thirty pounds at maturity will be taught obedience beginning at the twelfth week of age.  Larger breeds start obedience at ten weeks. You will reap the benefits of starting puppy out correctly by not having adult problems that force owners to euthanize thousands of dogs each day in this country.


When the dog reaches her age of maturity, her natural protective aggressions will blossom. No matter how much puppy education you provide, you will have a new issue to cover when you see this behavior appear.  You should know when to expect it and how to harness it.


© Shannon Schaefer