Separation Anxiety

Are you suffering from your dog’s “Separation Anxiety”?  How much have you spent to replace screens, furniture, carpet and other expensive or treasured items in your home?  You have tried daycare, costly medications from your veterinarian, numerous crates and fences, toys filled with treats and still have the problem.  Your love for the dog is slowly being outweighed by hate.  Please don’t give up yet.


    Before I make a quick-fix suggestion, please understand your dog actually can live happily without you for several hours.  Of course I assume you provide water, food and shade or shelter whether indoors or out.  The industry has chosen a title that preys on our human desire to be idolized by our dogs.  “Separation anxiety” implies your dog is missing you when, in fact, this is not the case.


    Dogs who do not have enough of their questions answered in your presence certainly do not have enough questions answered in your absence.  Obedience training, as I teach it, provides the foundation from which all dog problems can be solved.  I specify my own version of obedience because it is demanding and exacting.  The obedience also provides the clear language between man and dog which gives the indispensable tools to communicate succinctly with the dog.  If you are speaking Spanish and the dog understands Russian, you are in big trouble if you are trying to be clear to the pooch.


    But for those of you who want a quick fix, or are in the process of establishing  communication through obedience, I have found something to help you.  No, it is not exercise equipment, treats, costly pills, needles or time consuming routines.  In fact, it is so simple I can hardly believe it myself.  You can try it with a 100% money back guarantee so what’s to lose?


    Contact me directly by going to .  Click on “Contact Me” at the top of the page.  Just type SA in the message box and I will send you further information about which product to use and how to use it with your dog.  Again, there is a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.  You do not have to sign up for or commit to any autoship requirement to get this immediately.


    This also works for dogs who have anxiety about riding in the car or freak out at the sight of another dog while on a walk.  Please let me explain how and why this works.  Read the testimonials.  And tell your friends.  The results are amazing!  Just contact me on this site: