Read Labels

Please read all labels including treats, cans, cookies, rawhides, chews, chicken and duck strips, jerkey and all other items you give your pets.  I am sad to report numerous cases of deadly conditions which have gone undiagnosed.  This is not because the owner has not spent thousands of dollars looking for an answer to conditions like spontaneous blindness, kidney failure, liver failure, neurological disorders and others.  So after every dollar has been spent, after every specialist has been consulted, the dog is compassionately and kindly put out of his misery.


When the melamine poisoning occurred several years ago China was on probation about the components of their pet products.  With the passing of time and more products coming from China, I am reading labels for all pet products.  I am personally not giving my pets anything made in China.  I hope you never have to be faced with realizing the possibility that those delicious goodies may have contributed to the loss of your pet and money.  Keep watching the warnings which are published about recalls.


I have long been a fan of rawhide chew treats for dogs.  Sadly, it has now been discovered that rawhide is not a product of the beef industry.  It is a product of the leather industry and is laced with cancer causing chemicals.  This is why you are seeing "pizzle" treats and a variety of other chew toys which are not made of rawhide.  Yes, they are more expensive.  But far safer for your pet.  I have been recommending a Red Barn product called Knee Caps.  They have no bone, do not have to be refrigerated and last a long time.