My puppy tried to bite me when
I pushed him away from my older dog.

 Please, please, please quit pairing your hands with your displeasure. He sees your hands as front paws which are used exclusively for play in the canine. Every time you pair your hands (front paws) with your displeasure you are confusing him. This is the specific reason he is responding with aggression .


I have made a living for 34 years because people continue to use their hands to push, shove, hit, scruff-shake and dominance-down. All of these correction methods are still taught by the dog training industry - and they are WRONG! Even Cesar Millan uses his hands to shove and correct dogs. Nobody realizes that there is as long as an eight month conditioning period in dogs. So you solve a puppy issue with the wrong method and eight months later your dog bites someone, or attacks another dog. Which, while I'm thinking of it, reminds me that the misuse of the familys' hands is the cause of the majority of dog aggressive dogs I take into training.


Please let me know if you want to know the proper way of correcting the dog for playfully biting . Also, I am of the opinion that when a younger dog pesters an older dog, and won't back-off when the older dog says, "I've had enough of you right now," it is time for you to step in and give the youngster a little time out. This is not as a punishment, rather just a chance to cool his jets. Even attaching him to something heavy for a time-out is effective. The barking while attached is also something that is relatively easy to handle.


© Shannon Schaefer