Emergency help in San Diego County

Do you have problems that need to be addressed NOW? Chewing , biting and other problems can be addressed immediately with downloadable training guides . My "Essential Training Tools To Solve Problems " includes chapters on dog psychology, training equipment and communication techniques.


Individual problem solving guides can be purchased separately.  It is highly recommended to purchase "Essential Training Tools To Solve Problems ."  This download will provide the foundation for the implementation of the problem solving guides.



Doggie Tech training is a comprehensive approach for all family members and the dog. Your dog will pass through numerous stages of development. Doggie Tech training prepares the family for each of these stages. Doggie Tech Training at the Valley Center facility offers lifetime service without limit to ensure your success throughout the dog's lifetime.  If you live in the San Diego County area, please phone Doggie Tech for further information about lifetime training which includes obedience and problem solving.


Doggie Tech:  (760) 745-1011