Graduate of Cobb Center

Ms. Schaefer's interest in canine behavior began when her Labrador Retriever was killed in 1977. Since the dog had won awards in obedience competitions, the failings of traditional dog training became painfully evident. Sadly, the pet's education did not cover behaviors that occur in the owner's absence.


As a result of the loss of her precious companion, she was interviewed and accepted at "The Cobb Center, Career School of Dog Trainers." This institute was the only school of canine education approved in the State of California by the Office of Private Post-Secondary Education. School methodology and curriculum included courses in training the dog, teaching the dog owner, and operating a business. As a graduate of The Cobb Center, Shannon Schaefer is recognized by the State of California as a Certified Canine Behavioral Specialist. The Cobb Center closed several years ago making Ms. Schaefer's unique education and expertise a rarity.


Since that time, it has become painfully evident that the trend of the dog training industry is toward a "permissive parenting" approach.  Treats, shaker cans, spray bottles, clickers and other gimmicks seek to replace a more sensible methodology.  Trainer sales pitches are designed to tickle the owners' ears.  Animalholics and humaniacs discredit solid and sensible training for the family pet.  It is for these reasons Shannon does not publish her additional education accomplishments and professional affiliations.  Let the successes of her clients be the measure of effectiveness of Doggie Tech.


"It is absolutely absurd to think anyone else has built a better mouse trap.  Doggie Tech methods are effective, humane and fun for both dog and owner."  Shannon Schaefer