About Doggie Tech

Shannon Schaefer, founder of Doggie Tech, is a graduate of the Cobb Center and was certified as a Canine Behavioral Specialist in 1979.


The school curriculum was approved by the Office of Private Post-Secondary Education in the State of California. Sadly, this certification is no longer available. Shannon is also a co-founder of the Rx Pets Program in the Palomar Pomerado Health System.


You may wonder why Shannon Schaefer does not belong to any professional dog training organizations.  To be a member of any organization, you must agree to the tenets of that group.  Ms. Schaefer disagrees with the use of treats for training.  She does not use clickers, cuffing, scruff-shaking, spike-collars, pushing, shoving or pinching the neck with your fingers.  There are many techniques of dog training that may solve a current problem, but create the foundation for other problems later.  Doggie Tech is a complete approach .  No Doggie Tech training recommendation will ever result in future problems.


There is no better advocate for Doggie Tech than the former clients who return with their new pooch, ready to use the same techniques which provided years of predictability and enjoyment with their previous dog.

Bio for Shannon Schaefer

Bio: Susan Shannon Schaefer - Founder

Susan Shannon Schaefer is a Certified Canine Behavioral Specialist. Some people call her a "doggie shrink." Although she does not claim the ability to "read your dog's mind", her knowledge of canine behavior is so vast and her experience is so extensive, that when you describe your pet's problem, she can not only tell you how to solve the problem, but why the problem exists.


Ms. Schaefer's training has an immediate impact on a dog. Molly Greene contacted Ms. Schaefer out of sheer desperation. Her dog, Waylan, was a 100 pound, out-of-control one-year-old Doberman, and Molly was at the end of her rope.


"At our very first session", Molly said, "Shannon hadn't been working with him but two or three minutes when Waylan was snapping to attention and responding immediately. It was almost breathtaking to watch this incredible transition taking place. This training has made a huge difference in our lives. It has taken away so much frustration!"


Whenever Shannon Schaefer appears as a guest on a talk show, the telephone lines light up immediately. She is not only informative and articulate, but her sense of humor and quick wit keep listeners continuously entertained. She makes a popular and fun guest!