My dog is aggressive to my guests.
Should I have them offer a treat?

If a dog develops any aggressions toward humans, NEVER, and I mean NEVER have them try to become friends with your dog by offering treats . The typical mistake is to think that food will somehow create a bond with your dog.

Have you ever seen a dog offer another dog a treat? Or have you ever seen a dog willingly share a treat? Look at it from your dog's perspective: "Okay. I'll take your food. But you have just proven what a wimp you really are!" Instead of respect for your guest, the dog is likely to challenge the guest even further.


Worse yet, your guest crouches down to make friends with your suspicious canine. Now the dog says, "First you give up your food and now you are cringing and cowering in front of me." You have accomplished quite the opposite of the desired effect.


©  Shannon Schaefer